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Reviewsnap Announces New Learning Content Integration Solution -Software Easily Connects Employee Performance with Targeted Development-

Reviewsnap, the leading cloud-based performance management software solution, today announced the latest addition to its growing talent management software platform — the Reviewsnap Learning Content Integration module. The new software complements its existing suite of integrated software solutions that includes performance management, 360-degree feedback and compensation.

“Our new Learning Content Integration module allows our clients to deliver on the promise of development-driven performance management for their workforce,”  Reviewsnap President Dave Arringdale said. “By expanding our platform with the new module, we’ve automated the connection between employee performance and targeted learning and development activities.”

The Learning Content Integration solution automatically creates development goals and recommends coursework and activities based on an employee’s appraisal ratings for competencies specifically mapped to their role. Employees are then provided with a development path and have easy online access to the training they need to help them improve their performance and grow their skills.

“After you present learning opportunities that are aligned to an employee’s individual performance objectives and career goals, you give them the motivation to become more engaged in their overall development,” said Arringdale.

Reviewsnap’s Learning Content Integration module allows companies to easily upload all of their in-house, proprietary learning content and training activities in a variety of formats, including video and PowerPoint. Employees also have Web-based access to a full range of award-winning content provided by global e-learning provider, MindLeaders, including both soft-skill and technical courses. When an e-learning course is launched from the MindLeaders learning management system, it can be fully accessed and completed right within the Reviewsnap Learning Content Integration module.

The cloud-based Learning Content Integration module allows employees, managers and administrators anytime access to the development plans, learning content and activities, transcripts, and reporting analytics.

With Reviewsnap’s Learning Content Integration now complementing its performance management software, development plans are tailored to the unique needs of each employee, individual performance improves and employee engagement soars. Your organization will increase retention and improve business results.

Reviewsnap is headquartered in suburban Des Moines, Iowa, and is a division of Applied Training Systems Inc. Find out more about Reviewsnap at

In times like these, growth is earned by companies that align their people behind shared goals. If you are working to get everyone on the same page, Reviewsnap is with you. More than performance management software, we offer true partnership through genuine customer service and support. And unlike those other guys who care more about shareholders than customers, we can’t sleep at night unless you can. We are all together now. We are your performance management partner. We are Reviewsnap.

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Reviewsnap Headquarters Reviewsnap is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, and is a division of Applied Training Systems Inc., founded in 1995.
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