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Reviewsnap Launches New Brand and Website

Reviewsnap, the leading cloud-based performance management software solution, today announced the launch of its bold new brand.

A key component of Reviewsnap’s new image is its new brand mantra, “All together now.”

“Reviewsnap’s performance management system is ideal for companies that want to get everyone on the same page,” said Dave Arringdale, Reviewsnap president. “That mission is reflected in our new brand mantra. We are here to truly help, not just to provide a service.”

“At Reviewsnap, we believe performance management software needn’t be overly complex or difficult to use. The simple and intuitive layout we’ve designed in our new website reflects our belief that functional simplicity creates a very positive experience for our clients,” Arringdale said. The bold design elements in the company’s new website and logo similarly support Reviewsnap’s image as a market leader for performance management software solutions.

“What hasn’t changed at Reviewsnap is its deep commitment to excellence in understanding and serving clients at the highest level through genuine customer service and support,” Arringdale said.

As part of its heritage, Reviewsnap aims to build a true and trusting partnership with every client. “At its origins, the Reviewsnap system was developed based on feedback we solicited from the customers we would ultimately serve — human resource professionals, business consultants, managers and executives,” said Arringdale.

Reviewsnap used this unique insight to develop a complete, fully automated performance management system that offers user-friendly, reliable and affordable on-demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that help companies:

• Align goals for greater results
• Enhance communication and coaching
• Increase employee engagement
• Save time and money with improved efficiency

“Our customers run the gamut, from very small to very large companies,” Arringdale said. “They all look to us for high-quality, on-demand human resource and business services solutions. We know we have to provide the most versatile and robust performance management solutions possible — and we do that while keeping our prices affordable and our customer service top-notch.”

Reviewsnap is headquartered in suburban Des Moines, Iowa, and is a division of Applied Training Systems Inc. Find out more about Reviewsnap at

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"Reviewsnap has totally simplified the process during performance review season.  Not only is the product user-friendly, but just as important is the fact that our Account Manager and the entire team is top notch.  All questions and requests are responded to and handled in the most expedient and professional manner.  I can’t say the words enough times that I am an extremely satisfied user of Reviewsnap."

Gregory Sims
Director of Human Resources
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Reviewsnap Headquarters Reviewsnap is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, and is a division of Applied Training Systems Inc., founded in 1995.
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