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Reviewsnap Announces Learning Content Integration

Reviewsnap™ announced today an enhancement to their performance management software that will map learning content to performance competencies.  The enhancement will be released early in the first quarter of 2012. The company plans to provide users of its web-based performance management system with the ability to schedule, complete and track online coursework linked to competency groups. The product enhancement is being referred to as learning content integration or LCI.

This enhancement will allow users of the system to create a development plan consisting of scheduled online or internal coursework. The system will create employee-specific transcripts of coursework and their completion dates for any development review period.   The learning content integration allows coursework to be provided through the user’s existing learning management systems and/or from specific courses in the Reviewsnap content library.

Dave Arringdale, Reviewsnap's president said, “Our objective is to provide the most practical and usable performance management solution available.  With the addition of top quality learning content from leading providers of online courses, we will have made another huge stride toward delivering the perfect performance management solution for our community of users. We encourage our customers to continue asking for enhancements to the system.  And we pledge to be diligent in combining customer feedback with industry best practice to deliver what they want and need.”

Users of the system will find the LCI functionality easy to use and understand. It can be turned on or off within the system should organizations not wish to integrate development plans that include learning content directly into their review processes.

Arringdale added, “We are committed to leading the web-based performance management industry and we understand that our client organizations want tools that help extend their ability to help employees perform at the highest possible level. Having easy-to-integrate learning content gives employees ready access to some of the best courses available. Our client organizations are excited about this addition to the system.”


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"We have only used paper based reviews until we launched Reviewsnap, and having a global workforce and managers with teams around the world, it was a challenge to continue with paper.  We have been able to get a line of sight into our employees’ self reviews as well as separate manager reviews. The tool was easily customizable so from a change management perspective we were able to basically use the same form we had always used and simply automate it."

Manu Varma
Director of Employee Development
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